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Researchers Identifying New Markers for Parkinson's Disease

SASKATOON - Dr. Chris Phenix  joined the University of Saskatchewan in 2016 as an assistant professor of chemistry. Dr. Phenix has established his research program dedicated to rationally designing novel compounds for nuclear imaging in the detection of diseases. In particular, his group has been developing novel radiotracers for imaging Glucocerebrosidase, a high priority biomarker and therapeutic target in Parkinson’s disease.  

Phenix, who describes himself as a chemist, radiochemist, enzymologist and “somewhat of a jack of all trades,” has been awarded $392,000 by the national research network, GlycoNet, and the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation (SHRF) toward the two-year project. Two graduate students and two post-doctoral fellows (part-time) will participate in the project.

The cyclotron facility, operated at the U of S by the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation, is contributing fluorine-18 to the project. The facility includes labs for safely handling radiochemicals, where Phenix’s team will be developing and evaluating the radiotracers.

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