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CCNI issues pilot call for proposals

July 3, 2012


SASKATOON, SASK.- The new Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation (CCNI) has launched its pilot call for research proposals.

The purpose of the $500,000 call is to invite Saskatchewan-based researchers to propose projects in nuclear medicine, materials science, energy and engineering, and environmental and social policy that will help place Saskatchewan among global leaders in nuclear research, development and training and engage the broader community in evidence-based conversations about nuclear issues.
“This prototype call for proposals is the result of a lot of consultation with stakeholders, creativity and hard work,” says John Root, CCNI Interim Executive Director. “We are inviting leaders from Saskatchewan-based research institutions to step forward and work with us as we start to build networks of expertise in the nuclear sciences and related areas.”
The pilot call for proposals is intended to identify interested researchers and partners and the sort of projects they propose, as well as to give the CCNI the chance to test its internal processes and procedures prior to launching a full call this fall with a larger amount of available funding. Projects may focus on knowledge generation, technology advancement, or public engagement related to nuclear science, medicine or energy.
Projects selected for funding will have a project leader from an eligible Saskatchewan-based research institution, a fixed term of up to two years in duration, and measurable outcomes.  Research groups are also expected to discuss their research and results in a forum open to experts and the public. CCNI anticipates funding between five and 30 projects from this call. The deadline for applications is August 10, 2012.

CCNI was established in December, 2011 as an independent, not-for-profit subsidiary of the University of Saskatchewan and funded by the Province of Saskatchewan. More information is at the CCNI’s website,


Located at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, the CCNI aims to place Saskatchewan among global leaders in nuclear research, development and training through investment in partnerships with academia and industry for maximum societal and economic benefit. Working with Saskatchewan-based research leaders, our investments are intended to enable the acquisition, generation and interpretation of knowledge in the nuclear domain in the impact areas of nuclear medicine, materials research with nuclear methods, energy and safety engineering including small reactors, and managing the risks and benefits of nuclear technology for society and our environment. The CCNI is funded by the Province of Saskatchewan as an independent, not-for-profit subsidiary of the University of Saskatchewan.
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