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University-led group urges plan to address Canada’s looming shortage of neutron beams for materials research

A non-profit group of Canadian university and industry researchers says Canada must act now or it will lose access to a critically important scientific tool – neutron beams – when the National Research Universal (NRU) reactor at Chalk River closes in March of 2018.   [ ... ]

Saskatchewan’s cyclotron cuts wait times in province and provides back-up services for Alberta patients

The Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences has reduced wait times to one week for patients in the province requiring PET-CT scans. This information was announced by Premier Brad Wall today at an event at the cyclotron in Saskatoon.   [ ... ]

New executive director for the Fedoruk Centre

Following an extensive national search, John Root has been appointed executive director of the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation.   [ ... ]

Researchers at Saskatchewan universities to examine technical, regulatory aspects of small nuclear power plants

Equipping Saskatchewan graduate students with the knowledge required to address the complex and inter-related technical, regulatory and legal issues of small modular nuclear reactors is at the heart of a $1.1 million multidisciplinary project funded by the Fedoruk Centre.   [ ... ]

Backgrounder: Technical Capacity Project

A summary of the research being performed as part of the Technical Capacity Project at the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan.   [ ... ]

Changing the scope of plant research in Saskatchewan

PhytoPET scanner brings nuclear imaging technology to the study of plants.   [ ... ]

National Research Leaders Back Fusion Energy R&D in Canada

A national consortium of academic, industry and non-profit organizations has come together to make fusion energy, which holds the promise of being an ideal energy source for the future, a national priority.   [ ... ]

New Fedoruk Chair in Radiopharmacy at University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Kate Dadachova has joined the University of Saskatchewan as the new Fedoruk Chair in Radiopharmacy in the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition.   [ ... ]

Fusion 2030 plan submitted to government consultation

Members of the Canadian fusion nuclear research community, including the Fedoruk Centre, submitted Fusion 2030: A Roadmap for Canada to the Government of Canada's consultations on innovation and science.   [ ... ]

Study shows that Saskatchewan uranium mining emits few greenhouse gases

A University of Saskatchewan (U of S) research group has found that the mining and milling of Canadian uranium contributes very few greenhouse gases to nuclear power’s already low emissions.   [ ... ]

Saskatchewan’s cyclotron now supplying radioisotopes to Royal University Hospital

Stakeholders from government, healthcare and academia today marked the start of supply of radioisotopes from the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences for patient PET-CT scans at Royal University Hospital.   [ ... ]

Saskatchewan’s cyclotron produces first radioisotopes for research, soon to start supplying for patients

The Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences has passed two major milestones as it prepares to enter full operations: clearance from Health Canada to begin supplying radioisotopes to Royal University Hospital and the first use of radioisotopes produced by the cyclotron in research.   [ ... ]

Fedoruk Centre invests $2-million in policy research at Sask universities

  [ ... ]

University of Regina receives $1.475 million in funding from the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation

  [ ... ]

International researchers conduct fusion experiments at U of S

Scientists from nine countries are meeting at the University of Saskatchewan to conduct experiments to help answer questions crucial to the development of commercial nuclear fusion, using the same processes that power the sun to make carbon-free electricity here on Earth.   [ ... ]

First radioisotopes produced at Saskatchewan's Cyclotron

The Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences passed a significant milestone with the production of a small amount of radioisotope.   [ ... ]

Construction of Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences at U of S Now Completed

The University of Saskatchewan and the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation marked a major achievement for nuclear medicine research in the province with completion of construction on campus of the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences.   [ ... ]

Fedoruk Centre funds nuclear medicine research leaders at Saskatchewan universities

The Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation today announced over $5 million to build the capacity for nuclear medicine and imaging research in Saskatchewan. The grant, the largest awarded by the Fedoruk Centre to date, includes $3.5 million to recruit leading researchers to the province and establish academic programs, as well as up to $1.7 million for research equipment and infrastructure.   [ ... ]

New Executive Director for Fedoruk Centre

The Board of Directors of the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation and the University of Saskatchewan are pleased to announce the appointment of Neil Alexander as Executive Director of the Fedoruk Centre effective July 1, 2014.   [ ... ]

Summary of Projects, Spring 2014

Summaries of the six projects in nuclear medicine, materials research, energy and safety, and environment funded from the Spring 2014 call for projects.   [ ... ]

Fedoruk Centre grants $1 million to nuclear research in Saskatchewan

Combating cancer by better targeting tumours, resisting corrosion in potash mines, overcoming design challenges in a nuclear fusion reactor, and increasing understanding of how minerals can contain radioactive or potentially toxic materials are the topics of six research projects that will share in close to $1 million of funding from the Fedoruk Centre.   [ ... ]

Who do you trust? University of Saskatchewan survey looks at nuclear perceptions

Saskatchewan people consider themselves to be poorly or moderately informed on nuclear issues and trust scientists as credible sources on nuclear topics, according to new research by the Nuclear Policy Research Initiative (NPRI) at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S).   [ ... ]

U of S survey reveals Saskatchewan attitudes towards nuclear issues

Saskatchewan residents are generally supportive of nuclear research and technology, including uranium mining and nuclear power, according to results from The Saskatchewan Nuclear Attitudes Study released by the Nuclear Policy Research Initiative (NPRI) at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S).   [ ... ]

Saskatchewan's First Cyclotron Arrives at U of S

Construction of Saskatchewan’s Cyclotron Facility achieved a significant milestone today with the arrival of the facility’s heart   [ ... ]

Fedoruk Centre Announces $2 Million Funding for Nuclear Research in Saskatchewan

Developing new ways to use medical isotopes for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers and other diseases in humans and animals, designing more robust materials for nuclear power plants and the long-term storage of nuclear waste, measuring greenhouse gas emissions in the uranium industry, and understanding how people communicate and receive scientific information are just some of the topics that will share over $2 million in funding.   [ ... ]

Backgrounder - Summary of Projects, Winter 2013 Call

Eleven projects, led by researchers from the University of Saskatchewan, were selected from proposals received by the Fedoruk Centre during a call for proposals in February 2013. Descriptions of the projects are available here.   [ ... ]

Fedoruk Centre Welcomes New Board Members

The Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation is pleased to announce the election of three esteemed Saskatchewan leaders to its Board of Directors.   [ ... ]

Partnership Builds Cyclotron Centre at University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan Board of Governors has approved construction of Saskatchewan’s first cyclotron and associated laboratory—a multi-purpose facility for advanced research, training and the production of medical imaging agents for use at the PET-CT scanner at Royal University Hospital (RUH).   [ ... ]

News Release: Fedoruk Centre announces first research grant recipients, new look in honour of Sylvia Fedoruk

– Using medical isotopes to better assess kidney function, developing new sensors for applications ranging from medical instruments to cargo scanners and taking the pulse of Saskatchewan people’s attitude towards nuclear issues are the subjects of some of the first research projects to receive funding from the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation.   [ ... ]

Backgrounder: 2012 Fedoruk Centre Project Grant Recipients

Descriptions of the five research projects announced January 15, 2013   [ ... ]

Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation to be named after Sylvia Fedoruk

Premier Brad Wall today announced that the Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation will be renamed in honour of the late Dr. Sylvia Fedoruk.   [ ... ]

Call for Proposals

CCNI launched its pilot call for research proposals June 29. The purpose of the $500,000 call is   [ ... ]

First Board Meeting of the Founding Directors of CCNI

The Board of Directors met in Saskatoon on January 24 and 25th, 2012. This was the first meeting of the Board. A lot of information   [ ... ]