Medicine, Materials, Energy and Environment

Engagement Grant

The Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation (Fedoruk Centre) will review requests from eligible institutions, on an ongoing basis, for support for engagement activities (hosting workshops, training, engagement or similar events) that will further the purpose of the Fedoruk Centre.  

Consistent with its stated purpose, the Fedoruk Centre expects to leverage funding through partnering on activities in four key Impact Areas:

  1. Advancing nuclear medicine, instruments and methods;
  2. Advancing knowledge of materials through nuclear techniques for applications in energy, health, environment, transportation and communication;
  3. Improving safety and engineering of nuclear energy systems, including small reactors; and
  4. Managing the risks and benefits of nuclear technology for society and our environment.

Commitment of partner funding (cash or accountable in-kinds) will be considered in the review process.  Please consult with the Awards Guide for information on eligible institutions, partner contributions/responsibilities and eligible expenditures.

Complete instructions are available on the application form.