Medicine, Materials, Energy and Environment

Health and Safety

The Fedoruk Centre is committed to providing a place of employment that is as free as possible from recognized hazards. The Fedoruk Centre operates, at a minimum, in alignment with the values, policies and procedures of the University of Saskatchewan. A safe and healthy environment is created and maintained through the provision of proper facilities, equipment, training, services, and by promoting safety consciousness. This commitment includes creating and maintaining a positive work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment.

This is accomplished by:

  • establishing and maintaining an Occupational Health and Safety Committee to advise management on the implementation of this policy;
  • implementing the University of Saskatchewan’s safety policies and procedures where possible, and developing specific procedures to manage the hazards unique to our facilities;
  • developing and implementing a safety management system at the workplace;
  • keeping occupational radiation exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA), social and economic factors being taken into account;
  • resolving health, safety, and environment related incidents and concerns promptly;
  • complying with federal, provincial, and municipal legislation and granting agency standards while working to establish exemplary practices;
  • providing safety training, personal protective equipment (PPE), and safety devices;
  • and providing a safe workplace by appropriately designing, constructing, maintaining, and, as required, modifying facilities.

Occupational Health and Safety Committee

In accordance with federal and provincial health and safety regulations, the Fedoruk Centre has established an Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHC) composed of representatives from management and employees from the centre's office and the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences.