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Bill Kupferschmidt

Dr. Kupferschmidt  recently retired as the Vice-President and General Manager of Research and Development at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (formerly AtomicEnergy of Canada Limited, AECL), based at Chalk River Laboratories. In this role, he was responsible for R&D programs supporting AECL’s role as a federal nuclear science & technology organization. In this capacity, he is responsible for: advancing knowledge that supports the existing CANDU fleet and next generation reactor concepts and designs; promoting products and services innovation within the nuclear sector; and, in working with government, industry and academia, supporting the development of highly qualified people (HQP) for the future.

Dr. Kupferschmidt obtained a B.Sc. (Honours) degree in Chemistry from the University of Guelph in 1977, and a Ph.D. in Physical Inorganic Chemistry from the University of Alberta in 1982. After a brief post-doctoral assignment at the University of Alberta, he subsequently joined AECL at its Whiteshell Laboratories in Pinawa, Manitoba.

During his twenty-eight plus years with AEC and CNLL, Dr. Kupferschmidt has held various technical and managerial positions,including: Group Leader, Containment Chemistry and then Manager, Research Chemistry Branch at Whiteshell Laboratories; Executive Assistant to the President, AECL Research in Ottawa; Director, Reactor Safety Division at Chalk River Laboratories; General Manager, Decommissioning & Waste Management for all of AECL’s research and prototype reactor sites; and, AECL Chief Environmental Officer.

In 2007 June, he accepted the role of General Manager, CANDU Technology Development, and later that year was appointed Vice-President & General Manager, Research & Development, the role that he continues to hold. From July 2009 until November 2010, Bill also served as Acting Senior-Vice President for AECL Nuclear Laboratories.

Dr. Kupferschmidt is a Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada and the Canadian Nuclear Society