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David Katz

David Katz was one of the principals and founders of Saskatchewan’s first storefront computer store in 1978.  Then, after completing a master’s degree in Computer Sciences, he worked as Director of IT for Develcon Electronics Inc. in Saskatoon for eight years and then for the Government of Saskatchewan for nearly 30 years in the area of innovation and technology commercialization.  During that time, he wrote numerous policy recommendations including a framework document on provincial support for innovation and the economy.  David also represented the Province of Saskatchewan at Federal-Provincial-Territorial discussions.  Among these was the committee responsible for formation of the national research network.

David served as the provincial representative on the Boards of Directors of The Canadian Light Source, the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation, and the Fedoruk Centre.  He also served on the boards of several industry organizations.

Since retiring in 2017 from his position as Chief Science and Policy Officer at Innovation Saskatchewan, David has returned to university to study ethics with a particular interest in the ethics of technology.