Medicine, Materials, Energy and Environment


Melissa Denecke

  • International expert in the field of speciation of radioactive material on a molecular scale, having nearly 30 years’ experience in X-ray spectroscopy.
  • Two decades of R&D experience in themes related to the nuclear fuel cycle, notably deep geological disposal of radioactive waste, assessment of contamination legacies, and nuclear waste streams separations.
  • Over 275 publications listed in Google-Scholar.
  • 2016 receipient of the Royal Society of Chemistry Becquerel Medal
  • Experienced in design, construction, commissioning and operation of advanced X-ray instrumentation for radioactive studies at large scale facilities.
  • Numerous international collaborations and networks.
  • Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator in a broad range of activities, comprehensive natural analogue investigations, generation, stability and characterisation of actinide nanoparticles, combined spectroscopic – theoretical (quantum chemical and molecular modelling) studies, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance applications to radioactive materials, to name a few.