Medicine, Materials, Energy and Environment

Key Activities

The Fedoruk Centre engages in three key activities

  1. Programs – to establish multi-disciplinary clusters of academic activity in Saskatchewan, within the nuclear domain, by supporting the appointment of some academic leaders and faculty, as well as supporting the inclusion of nuclear components in existing courses or programs, to provide students with opportunities for learning or accreditation in fields related to nuclear science, technology or policy;
  2. Projects – to support research and development projects that engage partners from academia, industry and other research institutions, with target outcomes including ongoing and new business activity within the province of Saskatchewan, in turn creating a venue for young Canadians to pursue careers at the leading edge of nuclear technology; and
  3. Facilities – to provide good stewardship of selected nuclear infrastructure, ensuring it is maintained in a competitive state of readiness for access in support of research, development and training, with a new cyclotron as an initial example.

The Fedoruk Centre does not perform its own in-house research, development or training. Rather, we deliver on these impact areas through the work of Saskatchewan-based research leaders, in partnership with other researchers or organizations from throughout Canada or internationally, by supporting their proposals for programs, projects or access to research facilities managed by the Centre.

Proposals for programs will be sought from Saskatchewan-based academic institutions. Project proposals are sought through semi-annual calls for proposals. Open to research teams led by a researcher from one of Saskatchewan’s publicly funded research institutions, project proposals are assessed by an external project advisory committee with input from expert reviewers. Research groups will report annually on their progress to their peers and the Fedoruk Centre in a publicly accessible forum.